Redefine Living

Redefine Living

Advance Through Adversity

Advance Through Adversity

I help people to redefine their living and overcome limitations, failure & pain to experience fulfillment in life.

I help people to redefine their living and overcome limitations, failure & pain to experience fulfillment in life.

Feeling overwhelmed? Need direction? I've got you covered!

    When I started my business more than 17 years ago, everything had started off well. My schedule was filled with receptive clients. I traveled to exciting places, purchased a home, investment property, and enrollment my kids in a private school. My priority management with my wife, my kids, and my own personal life was all aligned. My life was much more than I had envisioned. It felt like a dream come true.

However, four years later, I unexpectedly crashed into dialysis. My life seemed to have changed tragically for the worse. My first treatment on dialysis I experienced excruciating, incomparable pain unlike anything I felt before. All I could do was resign myself to the fetal position as a close friend read the book of Psalms. As if the physical pain was not enough, my anguish was magnified when I was told my life expectancy on dialysis was three to five years. My mind and emotions were overwhelmed by many thoughts of uncertainty.

After finally being able to take a step back, my first response was to re-purpose my heart towards an attitude of motivation, dedication, and determination. I would not allow this chronic disease to turn my life upside down. Although the outcome of my situation did not look promising, I chose to turn my pain into proactivity and passion. By facing my fears head on, I allowed the adversity to promote growth, despite difficult days. What I learned and experienced through this setback propelled me to help others overcome their challenges through coaching, teaching, and support.

       My name is LaMonte and I’m a Impact Coach. My purpose is to help people overcome, challenges, failure and adversity. Your purpose, mindset, quality of life, and spiritual growth & maturity are my goals. Schedule a free consultation and let me help you redefine your living.

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The optimal coaching solution for anyone who want to reach their goals in life

New Business

Get the clarity, road map and accountability to reach your goals

spiritual growth & maturity

Walk in the Spirit of confidence and discover your inner strength to live more purposeful and profitable

Health & Quality of life

Live your best life at the highest level, in health,fitness and emotional well being

Master mindset

Overcome setback,failures and limited belifes in order to move forward in life

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What My Clients Say


LaMonte truly inspired me! He helped me realize and reinforce that I was confident, strong, and dedicated. The true reason why I continued coaching is I wanted my dreams to come true. I was determined to achieve a greater purpose for my life. This manifested into giving me the courage to apply to the fire department and to now serve as a woman fire fighter.


LaMonte is knowledgeable, patient, and encouraging...he has pushed me to my true potential that I didn't know existed. I look forward to my coaching sessions.......


LaMonte has been very inspirational and full of life since day one. His demeanor is very caring but also he is a realist who gives corrective criticism. I really appreciated his mentorship and understanding to help me reach my goals and motivate me to never give up.


He is insightful, intelligent and humble. Oftentimes, I must confess, I walk away in awe because of his commitment to be of service unselfishly to others. His persona shines the brightest regarding his determination to empower others to transform their lives. His support propels others to ascertain their goals; goals one may believe were unattainable.


I met LaMonte in 2007 when I got hired as a paid intern at his gym. He helped coach me, guide me and educate to become a fitness coach. Fast forward to today, I own my own online fitness coaching company which likely would not be possible without LaMonte mentoring in the early stages of my career. If you are looking for a life coach, fitness coach or mentor, I can’t recommend LaMonte enough. His story is pretty incredible”.


I decide to get Coaching from LaMonte because of his years of knowledge, professionalism but yet personable. He had been in the business for a long period of time, and had great personal results. Since Faith is important to me, and being that he is a believer, the environment was peaceful. I was impressed with LaMonte’s Coaching style which allowed me to achieve goals I never thought I could.

Lisa B


LaMonte has been my Personal Coach for 16 years. He has been a very positive influence in my life. His encouragement helped me focus on my goals and actually attain them. LaMonte has a calm demeanor and gentle spirit.  His positive words have also helped strengthened my faith. LaMonte is more than a life coach, he has become a trusted friend who really cares about his clients. If you want a positive influence in your life, look no further."



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LaMonte Reed